'Deerling God' character design render for my game project 'Forests of Abstraction'.

Concept artwork for an in-game city mural for 'Forests of Abstraction'.

Key art for the 'Keeper Council', a dimension part of the 'Keeper of Paintings' universe.

Global Game Jam 2022 concept art for a 2D horror game.

A concept artwork for the world of Waru for 'Forests of Abstraction'.

Poster graphic for the immersive AR experience the 'Keeper of Paintings'.

Concept art for 'Forests of Abstraction'.

'Deerling God' character design concept art for 'Forests of Abstraction'.

I've written a paper about using colour associations in game art, which you can read here
Below you can see a few exerpts from the paper.
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