“Thank you for being here with me, little friend.”

“In an ocean of blood we shall rise once more.”
(Hyper Light Drifter)

"A new beginning."
(Hollow Knight: SilkSong)

"A dance with the storm in red."

"Coral Forest" quick mood study.
(Hollow Knight: SilkSong)

"Amidst the Moss Grotto"
(Hollow Knight: SilkSong)

"Gliding through the sand, seeking the light afar."

"Hollows warped, entangled with Decay."
(Ori and the Will of the Wisps)

"Mysterious invigoration."
(Hollow Knight)

"The Light, forgotten."
(Hollow Knight)

“The Mirror Temple magnifies the mountain’s power 
and reflects your inner challenges.”

"Unified with Void, the plague of Light shall cease."
(Hollow Knight)

The Hidden Hollow, an area from 'Forests of Abstraction'.

'The Serpent's Oasis'

Cosy pixel house.

The Grey Canopy, an area from 'Forests of Abstraction'.

A pixel art environment based on the prompt 'sunset'.

Tessa Violet concert


Watercolour painting based on the town Bingen, Germany.

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